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We offer several types of classes. Each class is designed to meet your personal training goal.

It doesn't matter if you would like a well-mannered pet, an Obedience Trial Champion, a Master Agilty Champion or a Conformation Champion, one of our classes is right for you and your dog.

  • Pet classes are designed to help you train your dog to become a better companion and household member.
  • Competition classes are designed for those people who wish to earn titles with their dogs. The focus is on AKC events and includes Tracking, Obedience, Agility and Rally.
  • Agility classes are designed for those people who wish to learn how to do "obstacle courses" with their pet.
  • Conformation classes are for those people who plan to get a Conformation Champion title on their dog.
  • Kids and Dogs is designed for youth under the age of 16. It's focus is on 4-H competition and teaches agility, showmanship and obedience.
  • Fun Classes are designed to just have fun and can lead to competition if you want. You must have taken a Beginning Obedience class prior to taking the class.
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