AKC Fit Dog and Introduction to Canine Hoopers Agility Workshop

Friday, November 12, 2021  (6p.m.-8p.m.)


AKC Fit Dog Now more than ever, fitness is important for both dogs and people. Our dogs see similar health and wellness benefits when engaging in a fitness plan as we humans do.  Some of these benefits are increased strength, cardiovascular health, flexibility, balance and coordination.  These benefits also result in a reduced risk of injury.  Fitness programs provide physical and mental stimulation which will reduce boredom, increase confidence and help eliminate problem behaviors. AKC FIT DOG is a program that gets you and your dog moving and exercising.  It combines walking your dog for a challenge of 30 minutes a day with the FIT DOG Level 1 exercise program.


What is Canine Hoopers?  Hoopers is a fun dog sport that’s ideal for dogs and owners of all ages and fitness levels.  Dogs navigate a course of hoops, barrels and tunnels with the same pace and excitement as agility.  But the courses are flowing and don’t involve tight turns – making it accessible for everyone!  Hoopers is focused on the ability of dog and owner to work together as a smooth-flowing team so it’s a great bonding activity too.


In this workshop we will introduce foundation skills for a fitness program.  You will be taught the basics of exercise, correct positioning and how to create a basic daily exercise routing for your dog.  AKC Fit Dog Level 1 certificates will be provided at the end of the workshop for those dogs who are able to pass the test.  You will also be introduced to Canine Hooper Agility.  We will review the skills needed and practice before participating in a Canine Hoopers Agility course.